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Meeting Planners

Who does Kier talk to?

Candian Mental Health
Community Living, Ontario
Community Service Clubs
Toastmaster Clubs
Western Canadian Holistic Farm Conference -Alberta
Saskatchewan Association of Community Living Annual Meeting
Parents Advocating for Children with Exceptional Abilities -Sask.
Beginnings Family Services

Your next event

Life is not fair.  Why do bad things happen to good people? Why me?  Why not? Kier speaks to students, church groups and business leaders. From conference keynote to interactive breakouts, School assemblies to small groups, Kier guides his audience on an emotional and captivating journey that lets you experience a taste of the challenges that Kier faced, he holds your attention. 

From his personal life lessons Kier will  challenge and inspire you to;

  1. Live with purpose and passion,
  2. Be the person you are created to be living life to the fullest potential.
  3. Live life to your fullest potential

Kier has a full range of presentation options within your budget. 


  • Extreme Life Makeover
  • Bully proof your school
  • Are you being sabotaged?
  • Character counts
  • 5 steps to inspire purpose with passion in your Life.

Presentations are tailored to the specific theme, needs of the audience and time frame of your individual event. Kier will do everything within his abilities to contribute to the success of your event.


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