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Kier's Bio

He was born with spina bifida, a neural birth defect causing permanent damage to the spinal column and nervous system.

  • At birth doctors at the hospital told his parents they would not be taking him home, but they did!
  • With little feeling in his legs he could not walk until fitted with leg braces. 
  • He developed a severe stutter beginning at age 4.

His physical and communication reality resulted in many educational, career and social environment challenges:

  • Bullied in school. 
  • His doctor indicated that he would be in wheelchair by age 16.
  • Employment seemed out of reach.

Who would have thought?

  • Kier does walk, and without leg braces!
  • He graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College!
  • A breakthrough device helps him manage his stutter!
  • He has become an inspirational speaker.
  • Kier was selected as a finalist in an International Speakers Showcase in Toronto Canada Oct 28 2010  

His passion is Inspiring Purpose and Passion in Your life.

Hear his full story!

You will not be disappointed! 


 You may never be the same.
You may start to dream again.
You may discover your purpose with passion.
You may live with passion.
You may start to get the results you have only dreamed of.
Are you ready?


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